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New Life in the Raw

I failed miserably when I first tried to go on the raw food diet all those years ago.  I truly believed in the diet the second I heard about it but I couldn’t get my body to agree.  My body was so dependent on the foods I was addicted to that I didn’t know what to do.  These addictive foods were killing me, literally but I couldn’t get them out of my life. Just like all addictions as soon as I have any I have to have all.  One is never enough. 

Although I improved my diet It wasn’t until ten years later that I finally found a way forward.  The philosophy of a twelve step program was the catalyst that finally saved me from sickness disease and an early grave.   I took this principle “never have the first one” and turned it into a tactic that could be used for any lifestyle change but for me I only needed to ask myself two questions before I ate it,   “Is it raw?”  “Is it vegan?”  If I answered yes to both these questions I could eat it.

This was the start, but was the most integral piece of my raw experience and is the very start of the “how to” of going raw.  Next we will consider cravings and things that can be done about them. Image


THe Dreaded Green Drinks

I have never tasted a bad one but I seem to have an aversion to them. I have decided, from today, to add more to my diet. I have transformed from what I was 12 months ago by eating 100% raw and all my health issues (I was seriously scared about) have gone. I have more energy than ever and can truly say I love life but I believe I can get even healthier.

I truly believe that green is what heals us from our past discretions. I used to eat bucket loads of unhealthy food and nowhere near enough healthy raw nutrient rich foods. I became addicted to this bad food and had to cut off from it completely to start fresh. I tried to wean myself off and say I can eat anything in moderation but my addictions wouldn’t let me so my complete raw break away from unhealthy food was imperative.

I have many past discretions so it is imperative for me to get as much green as I can.

Rules: What rules do I need to make about my raw green drinks.

I suppose the first rule is quantity.

1. I will consume at least one blender full of green drink a day.
2. Blog about any differences I note in my health and emotional states.

If you can think of anything else let me know.

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