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Energetic Exercise

It is so amazing how I can now excercise and feel great doing it.  That wasn’t possible for me a year ago.  I had no energy, no will and no life.  I changed my lifestyle almost a year ago and am starting this blog to help as many people as I can go from fat hopeless and frumpy to fit healthy and fabulous.

Yesterday I had my first workout session since I was fat and unhealthy.  I can certainly feel it but I want more.  I feel great after my session.  Before I could barely lift my leg.  I would like to show as many people as I can how to gain their health back.  It’s so easy.  Yes I said easy.  It all depends if you want it badly enough.

Well we will see how it goes.  I will let you know how I get on regularly and let you in on how things once were.


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