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THe Dreaded Green Drinks

I have never tasted a bad one but I seem to have an aversion to them. I have decided, from today, to add more to my diet. I have transformed from what I was 12 months ago by eating 100% raw and all my health issues (I was seriously scared about) have gone. I have more energy than ever and can truly say I love life but I believe I can get even healthier.

I truly believe that green is what heals us from our past discretions. I used to eat bucket loads of unhealthy food and nowhere near enough healthy raw nutrient rich foods. I became addicted to this bad food and had to cut off from it completely to start fresh. I tried to wean myself off and say I can eat anything in moderation but my addictions wouldn’t let me so my complete raw break away from unhealthy food was imperative.

I have many past discretions so it is imperative for me to get as much green as I can.

Rules: What rules do I need to make about my raw green drinks.

I suppose the first rule is quantity.

1. I will consume at least one blender full of green drink a day.
2. Blog about any differences I note in my health and emotional states.

If you can think of anything else let me know.


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